EXTRAVAGANZA is a daring hit in the Antwerp dance-scene and takes place 3 times a year

Its concept slogan ‘Come as you are’ says it all: it’s an open minded event and welcomes a crowd of various kinds. Extravaganza is above all a place where you can be and express yourself in all openness. Although not average, it’s far away of being underground.

The music is both catchy and relaxed, offering a cool mix between retro and contemporary dance beats. (Groovy deephouse, techhouse, techno)

A group of about 20 colourful entertainers, dressed up in theme (last editions included a ‘Sinners and Saints’, ‘American Dream’ and ‘Asian Persuasion’ theme) are the life of the party. The costumes are designed by Harald Ligtvoet and have a kinky and daring edge.

Although it’s not a costume party, people are invited to get inspired by the theme.

Our exclusive costume maker



As the head stylist for Extravaganza i can tell you i’m the happiest stylist ever! I don’t know where to start but i’ll try to make it not too long because i did soo many things in my live yet.

I grew up with my 3 older brothers and beloved parents in a small town Achel, Belgium.  My mother was a dollartist, and I was her biggest fan.  Always surrounded with her designs, and fascinated with sewing, clothes, beauty… I always knew I was an artistic boy. Her dolls were my first models when I started with photography at the age of 13 year.  When I was 17 I moved to the ‘big’ city Antwerp.  I started to follow a studie photography.  But always missed being more creative,  I studied at the Fashionacademy in Sint-Niklaas.  After 4 years hard work I ended my studies there with highest distinction.  In 2004 I won the Coral Fashion Awards in Belgium, and being a stylist for several national and international magazines was born.

Beauty, humor and kitsch are my 3 words in life! Because I never had a own show with my label, I decided to make this happen! In 2009 I showed my haute couture collection “I’m a dreamer” in a small old church in Antwerp. More then 700 guests, press, tv stations came and saw the real Harald Ligtvoet style! Fifties couture fabrics mixed with leather (yes I’m a leatherman too and proud to be one).

Extravaganza is for me the concept to let my creativity explore!
Together with Lars and all the entertainers we make a beautiful family.
Oh, yes – together with my man Wim I bake kitschy and tastefull cakes ‘Sweety Darling’